Business Transformation & Innovation

Transform teams, business units or entire organizations to stay competitive, address business challenges, and become more agile and resilient. 

Business Transformation and Innovation

What is Business Transformation & Innovation?

Strategic transformation, reinvention, and a culture of continuous innovation are vital operational components of industry-leading companies.

Regardless of your industry or company size, improving existing product portfolios, operational efficiency, and product and service quality are essential to your competitiveness, profitability, and longevity.

Over the past decade, our team produced scores of successful business transformation and innovation stories using our proprietary ADIS® model. ADIS® allows us to create tailored roadmaps that address your company’s specific needs and goals.

How we can help

We have developed a broad range of capabilities over the last decade. Click below to see how our team can deliver your ideal Business Transformation.

Business and Performance Assessment

To assess the state of your business, our team thoroughly analyzes your company’s historic performance, culture and current condition. We also investigate additional factors like mindset, behavior, industry best practices, and more.

Going beyond just processes and numbers, we seek to understand key aspects of your company to determine where improvements can be made, why they should be implemented, and how to properly execute.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning focuses on your company’s assets, goals and roadmap for the future.

With more than 30 years of strategic planning across a variety of industries, our Senior Consultants bring a wealth of subject-matter expertise and real-life experience to the conversation. They ensure a robust planning process that incorporates all the right elements to help you achieve your vision and goals.

Business Transformation

Our consultants develop high-caliber teams within your organization to create a culture of top performance and continuous improvement. Our team of business experts, engineers and industrial psychologists start from the ground up to develop high-performing individuals, teams and processes, providing measurable results that only improve over time.

M&A (Merger & Acquisition) Team Integration

Mergers and acquisitions have the potential to deliver essential value to organizations, yet they also present unique challenges as you merge organizational cultures, processes, and talent.

We assess both organizations and work with leaders to create an integration roadmap that ensures a smooth transition for all involved.

Scope of Work, Management Support

Subject-matter experts and senior leaders from the LSG team specialize in helping you meet key business indicators and goals.

By bringing our executives onboard for specific terms and scope of work, you can focus high-level creativity and decision-making directly where they’re needed — turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s achievements.

Cultural Transformation

Organizational culture is the key to attracting the right people and inspiring your team. Excellent organizational culture and high employee engagement can result in performance improvements up to 20-30% higher than your competitors.

After identifying potential hazards and misalignments with company principles, we work with management and employees to increase engagement and create a safer, more inclusive environment that embraces diversity, equality, and continuous improvement.

Change Management
Change management is a systematic process used to transition individuals, teams, and entire organizations from their present state to a desired future. 

Strategic initiatives and implementation of new business processes and focus can take far longer than necessary and fall short of expectations if not managed holistically. Our team can design and deploy the right process for your organization.

Design Thinking

Many significant innovations come from a specific focus on the customer and their needs. That’s why we use design thinking to better understand the relationship between products/services and target audiences/markets.

This human-centric approach also makes for an excellent innovation tool, allowing the development of competitive advantages — both within your organization and your desired markets.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

Lean Six Sigma helps you apply the right mindset, tactics and tools to improve company performance and maximize results.

Through certification programs, we qualify your mid-level and executive leadership, allowing them to standardize quality and optimization, decrease lead times and streamline processes, creating better employee experiences and improving bottom-line results.

Business Process & Operations Optimization

We implement Lean, Six Sigma and other process improvement and optimization methodologies to assess your business processes and identify areas of opportunity for quality control and efficiency.

Our team of engineers and business consultants pool together their vast interindustry experience to analyze every aspect of your operations to ensure you get the most from your time and resources.

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