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People are one of the most important assets of any organization. We help you develop and unleash the full potential of your team members!

People and Leadership Development

What is People & Performance?

People are key to developing and executing strategic goals. That’s why at LaSalle, people are part of our core values and a vital component of every project and transformation we manage.

Whether you’re looking to retain and engage talent, develop talent, or create more diverse and equitable workplace, we have experienced teams and a broad range of toolsets and analyses to develop your company into a healthier, more inclusive, higher-performance organization.

How we can help

We have developed a broad range of capabilities over the last decade. Click below to see how our team can deliver your people & performance goals.

Organizational Development

Enable your people to do their best by aligning work scope and growth requirements with tailored development plans — for both individuals and teams.

Beyond technical training and leadership development, we design collaborative processes, accountability and performance indicators to ensure your people have the skills and development plans to execute their current and future scopes of work


Fast-track senior employee learning with our senior partners — ideal for leading a new project, developing a unique skillset or improving performance.

Build up your top employees by matching them with proven industry experts who specialize in employee success.

Joint-Academia Certifications

We believe in the importance of academia — both for its role in preparing tomorrow’s professionals and for its commitment to growing and preserving our understanding of the world around us.

We currently offer joint-certificate programs with the University of Puerto Rico’s School of Continuing Education.

Cultural Transformation

Excellent organizational culture and high employee engagement can result in performance improvements up to 20-30% higher than your competitors.

After identifying potential hazards and misalignments with company principles, we work with management and employees to increase engagement and create a safer, more inclusive environment that embraces diversity, equality, and continuous improvement.

Business & Performance Assessment

To assess the state of your business, our team thoroughly analyzes your company’s historic performance, culture, and current condition, within your industry context. We also investigate additional factors like mindset, behavior, industry best practices, and more.

Going beyond just processes and numbers, we seek to understand key aspects of your company to determine where improvements can be made, why they should be implemented, and how to properly execute.

Leadership Development

Our toolkit for leadership development includes training, skillset development, coaching & mentorship, and performance consulting.

Whether you are looking to enhance an individual’s capabilities or your team’s performance, we have a unique mix of expertise and experience to help leaders in any country, culture, and role. 

Process Knowledge Robustness (PKR)

Our proprietary Process Knowledge Robustment (PKR) Certification courses were designed to meet the highest industry knowledge standards. We tailor each PKR to the specific context and processes of your business.

This unique offering enables us to provide science-based operational knowledge to your decision-makers through hands-on learning. Our experiential approach is proven to achieve a 50% knowledge gain increase in participants.

Cultural Integration (Leaders & Management)

Business leaders are no longer confined to a specific language or location in today’s global economy. We offer socio-cultural coaching for companies looking to expand operations across the Americas, and for those looking to improve cultural integration between their founding location and international locations.

We also provide leaders with the social and cultural knowledge they need to lead effectively in an ever more inclusive world.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe in the power of diversity as a tool to highlight different perspectives and potential new approaches to solving business challenges. Companies with diversity and inclusion programs have statistically performed better than their counterparts.

We offer diversity, equity and inclusion consulting services to ensure that your organization empowers employees, benefits from the insights each member can contribute, and creates safe and healthy work environments where people can thrive.

M&A, Team Integration

Mergers and acquisitions have the potential to deliver essential value propositions, yet they also present unique challenges as you merge organizational cultures, processes and employees.

We assess both organizations and work with leaders to create an integration roadmap that ensures a smooth transition for all involved.


With in-person, virtual, and hybrid training, we develop effective curriculums for clients that merge technical and theoretical knowledge by implementing the latest adult learning techniques.

Our hands-on approach and multidisciplinary team of professionals provide highly effective cognitive learning for all participants.

Build a high-performance organization.


Only a small percentage of employees in the USA are actively engaged at work


Of our cultural transformation projects result in increased employee engagement


The annual cost of low employee engagement in the USA exceeds $450BN 

Our projects always deliver a
return-on-investment. Find out how today.

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