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Our strategy and planning solutions have helped clients in a wide-variety of industries drive results and connect to their future.


What is Strategy & Planning?

With extensive experience in virtually all aspects of manufacturing, our senior executives specialize in providing end-to-end solutions — including Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), utilities, supply chain planning, manufacturing operations, technology transfer services, and much more.

Our senior consultants plug into your organization and develop your staff to meet and exceed your manufacturing or operational goals.

Over the last decade, we have expanded beyond manufacturing to help clients in industries including Services, Healthcare, Academia, and Technology with their Strategy & Planning needs.

How we can help

We have developed a broad range of capabilities over the last decade. Click below to see how our team supports your Strategy & Planning needs and objectives.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning focuses on your company’s assets, goals and roadmap for the future.

With more than 30 years of strategic planning across a variety of industries, our Senior Consultants bring a wealth of subject-matter expertise and real-life experience to the conversation. They ensure a robust planning process that incorporates all the right elements to help you achieve your vision.

Quality Control and Standardization

Changes within a manufacturing ecosystem always lead to variability. Costs and losses can run out of control without the correct handles and strategy, endangering your organization’s future.

We work closely with administrative, specialized teams and frontline workers to ensure product quality and successful standardization of operations.

Strategic Program and Project Management

Some projects require additional expertise and support for your team.

Our subject-matter experts run deep-dive analyses to assess your organization and apply the tools and methodologies your company needs to implement new products, processes and improvement projects.

Lean Six Sigma Project Coaching

Our team of Master Black Belts offers individual and small-group coaching for your company’s leaders, helping them become more effective at analysis, execution, and application of LSS tools in their projects.

Business Transformation

Our consultants develop high-caliber teams within your organization to create a culture of top performance and continuous improvement.

Our team of business experts, engineers, and industrial psychologists start from the ground up to develop high-performing individuals, teams, and processes, providing measurable results that only improve over time.

Lean Laboratory Implementation

We deliver optimized lab operations that increase capacity and improve deliverable quality.

We assess your current performance and design a tailored lean operation plan for your laboratory, taking into consideration all regulations, compliance, business needs, and collaboration with internal and external teams.

Supply Chain Planning

We’ve helped dozens of companies embrace new technologies and processes designed to address capacity constraints, quality challenges, profitability threats and much more, aligning supply chain production and capacity with client demand and company goals.

Business and Performance Assessment

To assess the state of your business, our team thoroughly analyzes your company’s historic performance, culture and current condition, within your industry context. We also investigate additional factors like mindset, behavior, industry best practices, and more.

Going beyond just processes and numbers, we seek to understand key aspects of your company to determine where improvements can be made, why they should be implemented, and how to properly execute them.

Lean Applications

Kaizen, Poka Yoke, 5S, Kanban Visual Management and Fishbone analysis are some of the skillsets we can teach your team and implement in your work environment, elevating your Lean Manufacturing efforts through comprehensive workshops, training and coaching.

Process Knowledge Robustness (PKR)

Our proprietary Process Knowledge Robustment (PKR) Certification courses were designed to meet the highest industry knowledge standards. Each course merges the steps and science behind your processes. We tailor PKR courses to your organization’s specific processes.

This unique offering enables us to provide science-based operational knowledge to your decision-makers through hands-on learning. Our experiential approach is proven to achieve a 50% knowledge gain increase in participants.

PKR Offering Sample for Strategy & Planning:

  • Industrial Utilities Operations Certification Course
  • Advanced Manufacturing Efficiency (Business Excellence) Programs
  • Advanced Manufacturing Cyber Security and Data Integrity
  • Advanced Manufacturing Personal
  • Effectiveness Competencies (Essential Skills for Manufacturing Effectiveness)
Business Processes & Operations Optimization

We implement Lean, Six Sigma and other leading process improvement and optimization methodologies to assess your business processes and identify areas of opportunity for quality control and efficiency.

Our team of engineers and business consultants pool together their vast interindustry experience to analyze every aspect of your operations to ensure you get the most from your time and resources.

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